The Oman-Switzerland Friendship Association (OSFA) has been founded with headquarters in Muscat, the Sultanate of Oman, as a non-political and non-profit association, governed by the relevant laws and Regulations in force in the Sultanate of Oman and in accordance with the Statute and the Bylaws.

Article (1) : Objectives of the Association

The OSFA Association will actively seek to strengthen bilateral relations and deepen exchanges between the Sultanate of Oman and Switzerland in key sectors such as – Economy & Trade, ICT, Science & Technology, Health, Education, Culture, Tourism, Youth, Sport, and other potential areas of cooperation in order to deepen friendship and understanding between the two countries at all levels and fully exploit the potential of bilateral exchanges.

To promote these objectives, the Association shall inter alia:

1. Organize seminars, meetings and joint exhibitions.
2. Encourage exchange of visits of informal delegations at all levels, such as business delegations schools, scientific institutions, tourist associations, artists, youth, cultural and sport associations.
3. Issue and distribute Periodicals and use media organs as appropriate.
4. Encourage professional exchanges and training between practitioners of both countries.
5. Promote any other activity and initiative strengthening ties between Oman and CH in the frame of the relevant laws and Regulations in force in the Sultanate of Oman.

Article (2) : Finance

(A) The Association will finance its activities from:
1. Membership subscriptions.
2. Voluntary contributions, donations, financial and in-kind sponsorships.
3. Government Funding
(B) The application of the funds will be administered by the Association as per its objectives and

Article (3) : Organisational Structure

The Association will consist of the Honorary Body, the Board of Directors and the Executive Management. The Executive Management shall be comprised of different departments including the Finance and the Human Resource Department.

1. The General Body shall be formed of all Members as well as those affiliated in fact by membership to the

Article (4) : The Honorary Body

1. The Honorable Abdulla bin Hamad bin Saif Al-Busaidy in the Sultanate of Oman and the Honorable Mr. Adolf Ogi for Switzerland shall be the Patrons of the Oman-CH Friendship Association.
2. The Initial Board of Directors shall be formed of 6 members to be nominated by the Founding Members.
3. The succeeding Board of Directors shall be formed of members elected by the General Body and subject to the regulations stipulated in the Association’s By-Laws, number of Directors to be determined at such time of election.
4. The Chairman and the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors shall be rotational in nature, in conjunction with their term in office of 3 years.
5. The Board of Directors will oversee the issuance of the Articles of Association containing the By-Laws at a future juncture, as and when such is deemed pertinent.
6. The Duties & Responsibilities of the Honorary Chairpersons, The Chairman and the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors should be in accordance with the stipulations as set down in the By-Laws of the Association.
7. The Executive Management shall be formed of members nominated by the Board of Directors, number of said team to be determined at such time of renewal/nomination.
8. The Executive Management shall function as per the directives of the Board of Directors and would be subject to the Articles of Association and By-laws.

Article (5) : Membership of the Association

(A) Those who wish to join the association must:
1. Have completed 30 years of age (Thirty years)
2. Be fully competent to exercise his/her civil rights and should not be convicted of a crime or misdemeanor.
3. Accept and be willing to work towards and facilitate the objectives of the Association.
4. Not employed in government institutions.
5. All entities or organisations which join OSFA as Corporate Members.

(B) Corporate Members can nominate one representative as a member in the various sub-
Committees constituted OSFA for different sectors e.g. Business Affairs, Event Management &
PR; Cultural Matters, and in any OSFA activities held anywhere in the Sultanate of Oman or

(C) Corporate members will be given priority for meetings or events organised for the guests or Delegations by OSFA.

2. The Association shall have a Board of Directors, comprising the following persons:
a) The Chairperson;
b) The Deputy Chairperson.
c) The Members
3. The Association shall have an Executive Management, comprising the following persons:
a) The Executive Director (Secretary);
b) The Treasurer; and
c) Functional Staff.

Article (6) : Management of the Association

1. At an OSFA Meeting, the General Assembly decide by nomination:
a) Who shall be the Chairperson of the board;
b) Who shall be the Deputy Chairperson of the board;
c) Other Board Members;
– The term of the Board Members shall be fixed at 3 years.
– Whether any Board Member may hold more than one position;
2. At an OSFA Meeting, the Board of Directors decide by majority vote
a) Who shall be the Executive Director (Secretary);
b) Who shall be the Treasurer;
c) Other Technical Staff;

– The term of the Executive Management Members shall be, 3 years subject to periodic performance appraisal by the Board of Directors.

Article (7) : Cessation of the Membership

1. Membership of Board of Directors and Executive Management may cease when:
a) They resign by giving written notice to the Board.
b) They are removed by majority vote of the Board of Directors at an Ordinary/Extraordinary Meeting of OSFA.
c) Their Term expires.

2. In case of cessation of membership, all documents and properties of the Association must be returned to the Board of Directors within 1 (One) month.

Article (8) : Dissolution

The Executive Management shall prepare an annual report on its activities, and in the case of the inability of the association to achieve its objectives, the Board of Directors shall issue a decree dissolution according to the regulation of By-Laws.

Article (9) : Amendment of Regulations

Any Amendments to the contents of the Charter and By-Laws should be ratified by The General Body.